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These cute dome candy holders are perfect for class parties, party favors, ornaments, stocking stuffers or holiday gifts. And they are so easy to make using your Cricut. 

Select Your Design

The first step is to select your design. I am always adding more designs to my shop.  If you have any design in particular you would like to add to my shop, leave a comment and let me know. I love suggestions. Once you have purchased your design you will want to upload it into Cricut.

Specific Candy Dome Quick Assembly Videos

Looking for assembly videos on your specific purchased design? Click here.

Supplies Needed

Featured Video

This video walks you through assembling a dome candy holder. If you prefer written instructions, keep reading. 

Cutting Cardstock Layers in Cricut

See here for more information on How to Download and Unzip Files from Etsy and How to Upload SVG files to Cricut Design Space

Once your file is uploaded into Cricut Design Space you will not want to resize it. They are sized for the specified domes to fit perfectly.

Cutting Cardstock Layers in Cricut

Next, select the “Make It” button.

Since I like to use the Recollections 8 x 11 cardstock from Michaels to save money, I have to go in and change the mat size to 8.5 x 11 for each different color mat. Please select the size based on the cardstock you are using. 


Cutting Cardstock Layers in Cricut

The cardstock I use is 65 lbs, but I go ahead and select the Medium Carstock – 80 lb cut setting. Select Done and send it to your Cricut.

Cutting Cardstock Layers in Cricut


I always use a brayer to attach all my materials to my mat. I find it particularly important when using cardstock. 

Cutting Cardstock Layers in Cricut

Assembling the Candy Holder

Once you have your cardstock cut out, gather all of your materials. 

Cutting Cardstock Layers in Cricut

Each design comes with assembly instructions. These will show you the best way to assemble your candy holders and in which order. This is important when getting ready to put them together. 

Attaching the Dome

Attaching the Dome

First, you want to attach your dome to your bottom layer.  I’ve tried many different ways of getting that dome on the cardstock. It’s a little tricky, but I finally found the below method which always works well for me. Want to see this? Go to the 5:12 minute mark in the featured video above.

I think a key is having the right type of glue for this to work. I recommend Bearly Art or Art Glitter Glue

  • Identify layer #1 (hint: it always has the perforation in it).
  • Take layer #2 and line it up exactly over layer #1. 
  • Take a pencil and make trace the circle from layer #2.

Attaching the Dome

  • Using your glue, outline that pencil mark. Be generous with your glue.

Attaching the Dome

  • Fill your dome with candy. Make sure no pieces of the candy or wrappers are peaking out of the top. It needs to sit flat against the cardstock. 

Attaching the Dome

  • Holding your filled dome, upside down so the candy doesn’t spill out, in one hand take the cardstock with the glue outline in the other hand. Holding the dome steady, flip the cardstock upside down so the glue lines up with the edge of the dome. 

Attaching the Dome

  • With the cardstock and dome pressed together, flip the cardstock over so it’s right side up and the dome is sitting on top. At this point (without lifting the dome) scoot it around so it lines up perfectly with your pencil marked circle. 

Attaching the Dome

If you are using the recommended glue, this will dry in a minute or two. If you are attaching it to glitter cardstock, I would give it a solid 5 minutes to dry. 

Attaching the Cardstock Layers

Now that we have the candy filled dome attached, it’s time to add the other layers. The instructions will walk you through what order the layers go in. I attach layers using a combination of glue and foam dots / squares. 

I always use foam squares on layer #2. Why? Because there is a little bump at the top of the dome. This allows layer two to sit over that bump.  

Attaching the Dome

The other layers go on in order using glue or foam dots.

Attaching the Hands

The only other tricky part are the cute little hands / paws / flippers.  I love to make my designs hugging the candy dome with their little hands. So you will see a lot of them set up like this.

If your design has arms hugging the dome, you will want to be very careful with the arm piece when removing it from the mat and attaching it. It’s fragile which is what makes it so cute.

You will want to slightly bend the piece on top of the arms backward. Do not crease it though. Slip the little arms over it while leaving the piece that attaches the two arms behind the piece in front of it. When you glue it, don’t glue down near the arms. They won’t move. Just glue the top center of the arms piece. 

Attaching the Dome

Finish adding the rest of your layers. I often use foam dots to make small pieces like noses pop. 

And you are done. You have created the cutest way to give candy. Everyone will fall in love with your candy dome critters. 

Attaching the Dome



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